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Through my sister's eyes

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Published on: 2016/09/16


Rpg Maker MV

There's been a murder, a man was killed, and the only suspect is his mentally ill daughter, Eve.
A detective, Sean Walsh, also Eve's brother, decides to investigate on his own, because not everyone knows his little secret: he can see the world through her sister's eyes.
Join Sean in his investigation, will he find the truth about his sister?
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Through my sister's eyes
Through my sister's eyes
Through my sister's eyes
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DiegoGramicciol تأیید شده (مرحله 18) 2022-07-18
Very interesting game, i like it!
Fellowplayer (مرحله 23) 2018-01-05
A horror RPG style game is always popular.
Step (مرحله 9) 2016-09-24
Too splatter...
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