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The Adventures of Dr. P.

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Published on: 2017/11/01

Browser Game


Help Dr. P. Dorrent to find all the treasures in the King's Temple before it's too late. The Adventures of Dr. P. Dorrent in the Kings's Temple is an puzzle-platformer adventure under development.
Play the first level and leave your thoughts :)
This game is under development.
Game, art, sound, code by pcmxms.
زبان: English  
The Adventures of Dr. P.
The Adventures of Dr. P.
The Adventures of Dr. P.
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RalphW (مرحله 8) 2019-11-21
Are you making new games?
Shavi (مرحله 6) 2017-11-12
Did what i said i would

YouTube Gameplay
hope you have a laugh at my noobness
Shavi (مرحله 6) 2017-11-05
Pretty frustratingly good lol
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