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Stoney's Adventure DEMO

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Stoney's Adventure: The 8 Bonus Rounds is a puzzle platformer made in RPG Maker, in this demo you jump, fly and drive through 8 challenge levels.
زبان: English  
اخبار: 3
Version 1.0.5 is out now. Changes include: -Difficulty changes to Round 2 and Round 4 -HUD icon for the shield has been updated -Tileset graphics have been slightly updated -Round 6 Parallax has been changed -Bug fixes for Rounds 2,4 and 6 If you already have the game installed, please use the patch version available on the
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Stoney's Adventure DEMO
Stoney's Adventure DEMO
Stoney's Adventure DEMO
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Fellowplayer (مرحله 23) 2019-05-03
Love the colours in this one :P
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