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Edge of Reality

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Want a turn based combat system that truly emphasize on execution and planning? Not a fan of padding and repetitive battles? Kindred Novel offers no million-healthed bosses nor stats gated challenges along the main story. All progression are unlocked through exploration and beating challenging foes. Enemy balance and player strength are tied to the demand for player's reflexes.
زبان: English  
اخبار: 8
Roguelike Mode has been updated to be the main game. Story demo relegated to tutorial status. New character added to roguelike mode.
Edge of Reality
Edge of Reality
Edge of Reality
Edge of Reality
Edge of Reality
Edge of Reality
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Eugor (مرحله 15) 2024-03-24
no bad. It looks like a classic RPG and probably you are waiting for unique features or settings, but it is a classic jrpg.urn based combat system, anime style, animations. It is ok. I don't want to say that it is ugly. absolutly not. it is just a classic. a good classic. good work! I follow
Coopa (مرحله 10) 2024-03-10
Any updates?
Yahoo (مرحله 12) 2024-02-22
The focus on a turn-based combat system that really emphasizes execution and planning is exactly what I've been looking for in an RPG.
I appreciate that you've steered clear of the typical million-health bosses and repetitive battles. Instead, the progression through exploration and beating challenging foes adds a whole new level of depth and excitement to the game.
And I've gotta say, tying enemy balance and player strength to reflexes is a stroke of genius—it keeps me on my toes
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