Sprint - KOTJ

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ENG: help Sprint the lion to become the real King of the jungle by using his formidable roar to activate gimmicks and get the help of other animals.
ITA: aiuta Sprint il leone a diventare il vero Re della giungla usando il tuo formidabile ruggito per attivare meccanismi e farti aiutare dagli animali.
زبان: English  
Sprint - KOTJ
Sprint - KOTJ
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newagey (مرحله 1) 2016-05-12
Such a good game. Completed it! Loved it!
Marius (مرحله 14) 2012-04-10
very very good! <br />it\'s easy, fast and funny! <br />Is it made by game maker ?
Gatsu87 (مرحله 14) 2012-02-19
wow !! It's very cool !! If you replace your lion with nye nye cat... it's going to rulez !! :D <br />Very good game, very good graphics and very good game play ! But what's the story ?
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