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Something is fleshy (jam)

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Published on: 2020/04/22



Something is fleshy is a puzzle-platformer game where you have to help your human to survive. Make him eat, fill his lungs with air and prevent his kidneys from failing. Try your best to make him survive as long as you can and try to beat your score.
We had some fun to make this between friends, we hope you will enjoy it. Peace and love
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Something is fleshy (jam)
Something is fleshy (jam)
Something is fleshy (jam)
نظر 9
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Mayer (مرحله 9) 2020-12-21
Are you making also other games like this?
Filippo (مرحله 8) 2020-10-27
very funny game but it's very difficult
cradth (مرحله 14) 2020-06-26
Awesome! The art style is pretty neat! Love it! <3
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