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Infinite Stars

1606 بازیکن ها - 20 دنبال کننده ها دنبال کننده ها
Inspired by stories like Dune, Star Trek and The Expanse, Infinite Stars is an Interactive Visual Novel.
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#scifi #visualnovel
زبان: English  
اخبار: 3
Episode 3 is available now! It took a while, but we finally have something to show you! For those that haven't been following the dev logs here or on Patreon, Episode 3 is a game-changer. Literally. It's very different from the previous 2 Episodes. For starters, you now have the option to play as a Mah'Abeu, your very own character, at the start of Episode 3. You...
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Infinite Stars
Infinite Stars
Infinite Stars
Infinite Stars
Infinite Stars
Infinite Stars
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Xalag (مرحله 6) 2023-12-28
The narrative is gripping, but injecting more personal stories could deepen the emotional connection. Also, gameplay-wise, maybe incorporating diverse missions or choices could add layers to the experience. Regardless, I'm ready to share humanity's spark with the universe!
ConanOB (مرحله 6) 2023-03-23
completed! not the best adventure game played, but it is very well made! Congratulations! Very good artworks! I hope to discover soon new games made by you!
DiegoGramicciol تأیید شده (مرحله 18) 2022-09-04
Very good game and good work!
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