Freud's Bones-the game

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Published on: 2020/07/09



I developed the first game about psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud by myself and now it's on Kickstarter.
The player, as an inner demon, will dig inside Freud's labyrinthine mind to discover his crises, desires, obsessions.#seriousgame #freud #psychology
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Freud's Bones-the game
Freud's Bones-the game
Freud's Bones-the game
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ronnye (مرحله 14) 2021-03-11
How is going on?
Frezz (مرحله 8) 2021-02-04
Any news about an update?
Guile (مرحله 8) 2021-01-30
Please, add a mention also about Otto Gross. Do you know him? He was a friend of Freud with one of the most interesting theory. He was the first hippie
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