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Mosul (مرحله 8) 2018-06-26
No news about it?
mazzutakgame (مرحله 14) 2018-06-09
this game is fantastic, did you start a kickstarter campaign?
Best IndieGames (مرحله 16) 2018-03-03
This game is in the video about the Top 5 Best Indie Games of February 2018

YouTube Gameplay
Luis (مرحله 17) 2018-03-03
It looks incredibly cool! I will play it in the next week. It's fantastic
Popsan Angel (مرحله 13) 2018-02-28
the artworks are amazing. incredible style
onebullet55 (مرحله 10) 2018-02-28
interesting game. it's a crossover between a platform and a fighting game, right?
Fellowplayer (مرحله 22) 2018-02-28
I like it but I thought it was more like a linear game and an adventure for the single player but it looks like just an arena game for two players only. Is there a linear story planned or is it just a two player combat game?
Fellowplayer (مرحله 22) 2018-02-27
I like this game, I think I will have fun playing this. For some reason reminds me of the old "bucky O'Hare". Haha.
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