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Published on: 2016/11/28



D.A.V.E. is as #retro action/strategy game, inspired on classics like Bomberman. Instructions on the readme file.
زبان: English  
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Freank تأیید شده (مرحله 17) 2017-12-22
Finally you fixed it! I hope to see soon new game like this for indiepad! Great work!
ronnye (مرحله 15) 2017-12-16
oh. nice! Finnally a smart dev that makes multiplayer games for indiepad
Staff تأیید شده (مرحله 15) 2017-12-07
the second player doesn't work using the indiepad. We removed this feeature. Please, fix it, test it and add again the indiepad! Your game is very interesting to play with other friends!
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