447 بازیکن ها - 3 دنبال کننده ها
Use logic and practice to get the ball to the finish line and avoid all sorts of obstacles along the way. Written in PureBasic.
زبان: English  
Comments 3
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Jonathan Fish (مرحله 16) 2016-08-13
why am i watching the widget of windows ? XD
Fleurman (مرحله 11) 2016-07-13
The idea is good and the puzzles are well done ! The tools and UI are intuitive.
I think you should consider to add a Menu and/or Title.
In my opinion, the timer is not necessary.
I find the backgrounds cool !
Well done, all the best !
RedLine (مرحله 9) 2016-07-12
nice. but use a different background. You can try with wood or a table. The space is not good for this game...
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