Ultimate Reality

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Play in a Dimensional Pixelated Adventure in search of an entity that threatens to wipe out every reality in exsistence. Use your dimensional abilities to fight hordes of enemies in different environments! Discover the truth of your origins and of the mess that the Multiverse can be! Become the hero that every reality needs! #action #cyberpunk #platformer #pixelart
Lenguaje: English  
Nuevos: 10
New video showcasing the improved gameplay of Ultimate Reality's Demo: https://youtu.be/khJQ7R8lVjs
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Ultimate Reality
Ultimate Reality
Ultimate Reality
Ultimate Reality
Ultimate Reality
Ultimate Reality
Comentarios (23)
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Dazzlinglatte (30 Gemas) 2020-01-18

Loved the game and the bright colors used were beautiful. I made a let's play!!

Luis (8933 Gemas) 2020-01-13

you have to impove the level design and add more stages. The animations are very good

Kaen999 (11361 Gemas) 2020-01-07

Hello, LinkUpGames, how are you? I tested your game and i found some problems and suggestions: - The tutorial is very cool and helpful but when i tried to L1 (or L2) + square to uppercut the game stopped. - Unfortunately i can't change the controls. I played with a controller but attack button says square, but truly is triangle, finisher says triangle but is circle and circle says slide and dodge but is square button.

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