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Snake 3D for Nokia 3310

Mejor Jugador: Fleurman Chart <<
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Publicado el: 2020/03/16



#Snake but in 3D but it's the Nokia #3310 version.Created for the Nokia 3310 game jam!Created for the Nokia Game JamCreated for the Nokia Game Jam!
Lenguaje: English  
Snake 3D for Nokia 3310
Comentarios (5)
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indiexpo Addons (Nivel 12) 2020-05-31
You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.Chrome: and Play!
Aech (Nivel 5) 2020-04-01
Hi, I noted that you add the indiepad, but I can't play it on my smart tv because I can use the arrows to select the stage and start to play. Can you fix it?
jaco (Nivel 9) 2020-03-23
i really like this game
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