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Help Death-chan retrieve the lost souls scattered all over Hell in this edgy endless runner!
You have one job: jump. Sometimes jump twice.
That's it, good luck!
And don't you dare suck at this game <3
Lenguaje: English   Portugues  
Nuevos: 1
Leaderboards have been added to the game! It's a sum of both Distance and Souls, so try to get far with a lot shinies
Shinigami Run
Shinigami Run
Shinigami Run
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Ayuda de formato Ayuda de formato 380
Best IndieGames (Nivel 17) 2023-06-08
This game is in the video about the Top 3 Best Indie Games of April 2023

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mazzutakgame (Nivel 14) 2023-04-06
runner game very nice and well done, I found it a little too difficult in the early stages, but otherwise it is very nice
Freank Verificada (Nivel 18) 2023-04-06
Congratulation! Great game and now with the leaderboard online is much funny! Just a point... it is very hard!! Sometime it starts with 9 spikes to jump!! As first obstacle! What?! You should start it with easy obstacles to jump and then to increase the difficulty. Just my 2 cent! The pixel art is perfect! You have great artists in your team!
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