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Overlord's New Mansion

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Publicado el: 2019/05/31



Light-hearted platformer, runs on its own engine.
After the construction of his new majestic castle, filled with deadly traps, the evil Overlord orders a pizza, as usual. But little he know of all the the hassle he has to go through.
Lenguaje: English  
Nuevos: 3
New dialogues based on the amount of deaths, and new interactions with the pizza guy based on your timing, the game now knows if your device is running low on CPU and will react accordingly
Overlord's New Mansion
Overlord's New Mansion
Overlord's New Mansion
Overlord's New Mansion
Overlord's New Mansion
Overlord's New Mansion
Comentarios 31
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ThePresident (Nivel 8) 2020-11-08
All that I want is only a pizza. Lol
Loscar (Nivel 8) 2020-10-23
did you make also other games? Perfect pixel art, the game is very light and easy to play. Even if I don0t like so much to use the mouse in a game like thys
xtni (Nivel 8) 2020-08-27
I am so bad at these types of games X( ... but I hope the guy gets his pizza!
I enjoyed the game a lot - as far as I could get :)
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