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Leave no Chicken Alive

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You've been under a lot of stress recently and are looking for a break. Animal cruelty may not be the best answer but it sure helps.
With your trusty shotgun, anihilate as many chickens as you like.
Lenguaje: English  
Leave no Chicken Alive
Leave no Chicken Alive
Leave no Chicken Alive
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Freank Verificada (Nivel 18) 2023-11-03
join our discord server. I think that this game can be improved! (also with the shadows suggested by @realtidus). We can try to help you to improve it!
RealTidus (Nivel 13) 2023-11-02
you should add shadows on the shotgun and on the smoke. They are too flat.
Best IndieGames (Nivel 18) 2023-10-07
This game is in the video about the 6 Best Indie Games of September 2023

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