Black Paradox

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Publicado el: 2018/07/13

Shoot em up


Fast paced rogue-like shoot 'em up game with an amazing pixel art and Synth-Wave soundtrack. Play as Black Paradox, a fierce bounty hunter, and defeat the biggest criminal organization in space, The Hellraisers and its 7 leaders!
Lenguaje: Italiano  
Black Paradox
Black Paradox
Black Paradox
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TenTen92 (672 Gemas) 2019-04-16

I have this also on steam. Amazing details, even if during the first game it's very hard to know how to play it. It looks like an old game for cabinet but with the restyle of the 2019. great work. 5/5

Drifterthorn (367 Gemas) 2019-02-16

I loves this game it reminds me of into the hunt for the ps1. I played the demo then bought the game on steam.

AnthonyNkl Profile (1835 Gemas) 2019-01-09

Hard to compete with your game in terms on graphics or gameplay, well done guys!

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Black Paradox
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