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Unfortunately Ninja

31 Players - 5 Subscribers Subscribers

Rioweb Entertainment

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Unfortunately Ninja is a #pointandclick #adventuregame with a twist Choice-Driven Adventure!
What if becoming a ninja wasn't as cool as they say? And yes, obviously Monkey Island Ispired
Language: Italiano   English  
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Unfortunately Ninja
Unfortunately Ninja
Unfortunately Ninja
Unfortunately Ninja
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garryblu (Level 6) 2022-06-20

YouTube Gameplay
Rating 10/10 stars for this game. I think if this game become action game, it's more cool :D
Stre93 (Level 12) 2022-06-18
Congratulations! The game is perfect! A lot of animations and the plot is interesting. I am not a fan of the adventure game, but the style of your game convinced me to try it! 5/5
Decelo (Level 11) 2022-06-11
The screenshots are not in English. Is this game playable also in English?
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