Battle Buggy Glitch

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Enter a world in cyberspace and take on threats that want to destroy The Mainframe. A system that runs and physical and digital world. You are a Battle Buggy, a programmed designed to seek out and eliminate threats to the system.
Battle Buggy Glitch is a top-down, twin-stick shooter a that has a variety of unique weapons and powerups to help you survive waves of enemies
Language: English  
Battle Buggy Glitch
Battle Buggy Glitch
Battle Buggy Glitch
Battle Buggy Glitch
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Gesan (Level 9) 2023-04-13
This game is very good. Perfect design. How is it possible that it has so few players? Bad marketing? Did you make also other games? I like your style
garryblu (Level 8) 2023-04-12

YouTube Gameplay
Rating 10/10 stars for this game. Nice one :D
where_is_love (Level 10) 2023-03-30
Amazing design. The style is great and also the gameplay. Did you never realized a trailer?
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