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37 Players - 2 Subscribers Subscribers
Published on: 2022/06/26


Rpg Maker MV

Help Archer through the 8 levels and recover the powerful Blue Opal stolen by the Dark Socerer Flamel. Get drunk. Eat food and cake. Battle evil creatures. Take a boat trip. Fight pirates etc. Based on Archer characters by Low. Credits on Title page for plugins and graphics. Plays best on Windows 10.
Language: English  
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Help Archer find the Blue Opal and defeat the Dark Socerer Flamel.
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Pe551 (Level 1) 2022-10-07
good game!
Marco Sacchetti (Level 14) 2022-07-06
Sono sinceramente meravigliato di come tu stia ottenendo questi giocatori. Il gioco รจ molto molto banale e abbozzato. le mappe presentano vari errori, sembra essere stato sviluppato molto di fretta e non lo trovo molto coinvolgente
mikeeverley (Level 4) 2022-06-26
Based on the Archer characters by Low. Credits given for plugins and graphics etc. About 5 hours of gameplay.
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