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One-button casual game with Halloween theme. Dowload the android version to play the game on your mobile device: it is ad-free, no tracing and working offline.
Γλώσσα: English  
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Tyrion (Επίπεδο 8) 2022-06-08
Easy to play, but it can be a perfect game for mobile, but it doesn't work on mobile. very sad about this, because with just a little cross-device edit, you can find a lot of new players (I think)
JEntertaiment (Επίπεδο 11) 2022-04-07
Mais um projeto simples e divertido.
mazzutakgame (Επίπεδο 15) 2021-11-04
The style is kawaii, i like it, but the game is not optimizated for mobile, the main character exit from the screen and the game have a terribile fps lick, you can improve it for a better user experience 3/5
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