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GX brothers VS the world

50 Παίκτες - 4 Εγγεγραμμένοι Εγγεγραμμένοι
Keep the WiFi signal low or humans will call for more tanks. Destroy or collect their smartphones to lower the signal. Abduct as many smartphones and humans that you can. You can also kill humans and collect their hearts to repair the ship or kidnap dogs to temporary upgrade your weapons. I know: our spaceships are kinda weird...
Good luck out there!
Γλώσσα: English  
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GX brothers VS the world
GX brothers VS the world
GX brothers VS the world
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TadHasGames (Επίπεδο 8) 2021-09-20
Nice fun game!
Marco Sacchetti (Επίπεδο 14) 2021-09-18
Ti conviene modificare il genere. Non è un browser game. Ti consiglio anche di caricare altri screenshots, così sembra il progetto di uno che carica per la prima volta un gioco
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