WTC Redux

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日发布: 2019/05/14



Set before the events of WTC 2, your plans for a mountaineering holiday are thwarted by your nemesis from a rival organisation - the much feared Grendel Jinx. After destroying almost all of her organisation, the funds for dealing with her and her much put-upon assistant are redirected to "interrogation" equipment by your rather perverted boss.
语言: English  
消息: 2
Fact #2 : The update will add a bit to explain how Grendel managed to hijack a plane
WTC Redux
WTC Redux
WTC Redux
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Triority Profile (385 寶石) 2019-08-08

Updated to include gender selection and appropriate dialogue

Popsan Angel (3371 寶石) 2019-05-23

nice plot! is it a sequel of WTC OVN the Beach?

WTC Redux
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