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Witch Quest Yuki

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Witch Quest Yuki is an action-adventure game with challenging puzzle and RPG element in it. Key: Arrow = Moving. A = Use skill. B = Use item. F = Interact. Left Click Mouse = Select. Upcoming feature: -More Quest with challenging puzzle to solve. -More Action. -Add companion with specific skill to solving the quest. -More items. and many more... Please give your feedback!
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Witch Quest Yuki
Witch Quest Yuki
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Kaen999 (11079 寶石) 2019-10-30

Cascadeplay, where's the download link?

Jonathan Fish (7709 寶石) 2016-08-15

If you will improve it... This can be a very nice platform!

Gatsu87 (3970 寶石) 2016-04-13

I can't jump...

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