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WalkingBed EnglishVersion

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This game is an English translated game for Japanese This is English Ver. of "Walking Bed". C3HP: Translated by Memo. 【Story】 This is a story of a hero who works at a sweatshop. Tommorow is his First day off in a month's time. As tragedy be falls our exhausted hero... will he ever find peace. · Whole handwritten dot picture MAP · Full voice · All fou
语言: English  
WalkingBed EnglishVersion
WalkingBed EnglishVersion
WalkingBed EnglishVersion
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Fellowplayer Profile (22872 寶石) 2018-01-03

The Japanese style of games like this are usually pretty horrific and this certainly looks it.

Magnus C (1572 寶石) 2017-12-24


Naldo (927 寶石) 2017-12-24

funny mechanics. even if the animation is not so fluid 3/5

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