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Unicorn Charge

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Android white 下载 External link
Android white 下载 External link
Unicorn Charge is a procedurally generated 2.5D infinite runner in which players navigate their unicorn across different platforms. **** Space bar to jump! **** **** WebGL Leaderboard and Achievements not implemented yet ****
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Unicorn Charge
Unicorn Charge
Unicorn Charge
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mazzutakgame Profile (3658 寶石) 2019-07-05

oh, i've view the trailer, interesting game, i must download it on smartphone, i can suggest you upload here a demo runnable on PC or in webGL HTML5 for get feedback?

GreenGolia (1036 寶石) 2019-07-02

it looks like spam. no good

KingJhon (4503 寶石) 2019-06-28

No download. Just a pre order

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