Truck Defense

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Truck defense is a tower defense similar game in ego perspective. defend your camp and set up guns to support you. if the feedback is good, i will continue the development. thanks for the testing and feedback. planned features that depend on your feedback: more level, placeable resource harvester, base building
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New update released: new turret, repairtool, player weapon balanced. thank you for your support!
Truck Defense
Truck Defense
Truck Defense
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Smuggler_ (20 寶石) 2020-03-28

Played a couple games I like the concept and low poly models. Ill be keeping track of future releases although I have some of notes for the DEV: Theres no way to adjust volume in game. the enemies aggro whatever entity is closest. The Main gun cool down is too high Mabye nerf the damage and extend the fire period. More time to first wave and seperate build menu and pause menu

Fellowplayer Profile (23774 寶石) 2020-03-27

Good start so far, I look forward to seeing more development. YouTuber: Fellowplayer -

lucyinthespace (3484 寶石) 2020-03-27

The weapons are too "rigid" when you run

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