The Slurping Dead

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The Slurping Dead is an isometric action game in which the player has to fight against a growing horde of zombies in order to escape or die trying. The player’s only weapon is a laser-pimped crossbow with three types of bolts: normal bolt: they can kill a zombie with one hit noise bolt: they distract the zombies by luring them away from the player explosive bolt: fun, fun, fun
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Installation info: certain antivirus software will allow the installer to run, but the game won't show up in the file system. If you turn it of, everything will be fine. Sorry for the inconvenience!
The Slurping Dead
The Slurping Dead
The Slurping Dead
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Fellowplayer Profile (16694 寶石) 2018-01-04

There are so many zombies...where are the normal guys?

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