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You are a teleprinter operator, hired by the army in order to send various messages across the country. Mistakes will not be tolerated.
Make the right choices.
How to play:
Press SPACE to start the game, then follow the instruction.
The game is played using a keyboard (exclusively) since the whole QWERTY layout will be used.
(Linux builds coming soon).
语言: Italiano   English  
消息: 1
Welcome to version 1.1.0. The game can now be played in Italian. Thanks to Xeryan who spent his time in this translation.
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Stre93 (等级 11) 2021-07-26
I like how you choose this style for this kind of game. It is perfect to rappresent your idea and the concept of the game
Scario (等级 9) 2021-07-13
BBads (等级 11) 2021-07-12
inspired by The Big Brother by Orwell?
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