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Starcaller (Demo v2.0)

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日发布: 2020/06/07


Rpg Maker MV

A High Fantasy/Sci-Fi RPG adventure. Starcaller is a retro style game in early development. Exploration, Dialogue and Character building are the essential building blocks. Play as Avarran, an exiled priestess with hidden powers needed to restore order to the planet Vaerok, as she re-discovers her destiny.
语言: English  
消息: 21
we just updated the Demo with a huge patch to iron out some things.. new battle UI, new features, new events and a whole bunch of little tweeks. no new story content beyond what has already been released
Starcaller (Demo v2.0)
Starcaller (Demo v2.0)
Starcaller (Demo v2.0)
Starcaller (Demo v2.0)
Starcaller (Demo v2.0)
Starcaller (Demo v2.0)
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LesGrossman (等级 12) 2020-07-30
Good idea. For retrogamer. If you share it in nostalgia forums, you will be soon famous XD
Staff (等级 13) 2020-07-21
Hi, I don't remember if I already asked you about this, but, tell me if you want to add an online leaderboard for your game!
Blackthorn Profile (等级 14) 2020-07-19
A strange thing happened that I'm not sure if I can explain.. when I tried to save, it looked for images called Characters2, but that's what I named my character files, it's like because both our games were made in RPG maker, if I save on my game online then try to play yours I get an error.
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