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Splash 'n Squash Party

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Use your smartphone as a game controller. "Plug" your device to a cereal box and smash the box with your hands to control your monster and generate real waves on screen. Play with your friends and try to destroy all lovely balloons at the swimming pool party with a cactus ball. Destroy all balloons in time…but pay attention to evil balloons.
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Splash 'n Squash Party
Splash 'n Squash Party
Splash 'n Squash Party
Splash 'n Squash Party
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vinstriano (等级 10) 2019-06-22
Simple but very cool
Luis (等级 17) 2018-01-26
Ho avuto modo di provarlo appena uscì in occasione della ggj17. Molto simpatico da giocare in gruppo! Proporrai qualcosa di simile anche per l'edizione in corso?
Karma (等级 13) 2017-02-11
Is it the "winner" of the ggj in Italy...?
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