Serenade of the Sirens

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Play as Seika, a mermaid that awakens in an underwater cave unable to remember what has happened before. The one thing she does remember is that the evil sirens have created dissonance in the underwater world. Help her defeat the sirens and restore peace to the once harmonious underwater world.
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0.10.0 & Beyond Hey everyone! It's been a little while since the last update. SOTS (Serenade of the Sirens) is currently undergoing major design changes. There are things that will be added, removed, and modified. I took a break from working on SOTS to come back with a fresh new perspective. I now have a new direction that I want to take the game in and this update is...
Serenade of the Sirens
Serenade of the Sirens
Serenade of the Sirens
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Kiko90 (1586 寶石) 2019-10-31

Any news about this game? I played the demo version during the svilupparty

Songoku (1517 寶石) 2019-05-27

Just four levels in the full version? :( It will be very short. So nice demo, good shot system

LOL Profile (802 寶石) 2019-05-19

What are the grey hearts? The red hearts are the life, but the grey?

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