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RPG MO is a sandbox, 2d style game with 15 skills to train and new content being introduced in regular updates. "I enjoy the open world aspect, the fact that I can go anywhere and do anything I want really appeals to me in a mmorpg game like this. There are tons of items and features that can be explored and will keep me interested for many weeks to come."
语言: Italiano  
Rpg MO
Rpg MO
Rpg MO
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Ratchet&CL4Nk (等级 5) 2020-01-05
Great game!
CUtet92 (等级 7) 2016-09-17
woow ! O_O great work and great game !
Jonathan Fish (等级 16) 2016-08-15
very nice game ! I'm playing it in this summer ! Are the sprites original or ripped ?
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