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Reshapybius is a puzzle game made for LudumDare #35. You have to get to the goal. Your shape changes depending on the area you are standing on and your movements are prescribed by your shape. #LDJAM
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Jonathan Fish (7709 寶石) 2016-08-14

It's nice... but add more tutorial levels ! It's hard ! i love also the use of the sounds and the light effect ! It's very cured ! good work with the idea and the style but you should improve the game design ! I hope to play also new game made by you !!

TheController (1334 寶石) 2016-06-17

It's very hard @_@

Staff (3019 寶石) 2016-05-11

It's an HTML5 game... you can add it on the website (in a zip file), so the users can play it online easily and fastly clicking "Play Me"

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