Oxymous Prime

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The player controls Oxy, a famous bounty hunter. The current mission of Oxy is to save a rare bird kidnapped by the groulen poacher Borden. Borden is hidden in a groulen Mothership. Oxy must break into the ship and fight an army of robots and soldiers to complete his mission.
Oxymous Prime
Oxymous Prime
Oxymous Prime
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krustykrasty (177 寶石) 2016-12-19

i love the graphics and music. controls are a nightmare. it's a very nice effort, but gameplay is too difficult due to the odd controls. why don't you just semplify the controls? anyway, very cool game!

WarioPunk Profile (2621 寶石) 2012-10-21

RpgMaker VX con lo script tomoaky platformer, lo puoi trovare facilmente in rete.

gameplay_extreme Profile (896 寶石) 2012-10-21

con che tool è stato creato?

Oxymous Prime
Oxymous Prime
Oxymous Prime
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