Out of Order

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Ever woken up in the middle of the night to find you've been kidnapped... and so's your bedroom? Ever had to fend for yourself in the face of strangely hypnotic music, alien doctors, talking computers a-plenty and half-finished bathrooms? Ever found something unpleasant in a burger? If so, Out Of Order should play like any other day in your life.
Out of Order
Out of Order
Out of Order
评论 (3)
CUtet92 (755 寶石) 2016-09-17

one of the best game made with ags ! Good work !

Jonathan Fish (7709 寶石) 2016-08-16

nice game !! great work !

AprilSkies Profile (1510 寶石) 2014-01-26

Great game!

Out of Order
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