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Nightmare Hearts Demo

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日发布: 2018/04/03


Rpg Maker MV

A tale of two brothers, one sworn to the divine light and the other bound to wield the darkness. In the land of Autumnus, life and hope are both fleeting in a world where shambling undead, wailing geists, abominations of cruel science, and blood-thirsty monsters prey on the weak. Their journey will be filled with horrific enemies, unique allies, and difficult choices...
语言: English  
Nightmare Hearts Demo
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Sorcerer (48 寶石) 2018-04-06

Dev was having problems with the upload he's got a demo up but he is still having some problems since he is on a Mac

Fellowplayer Profile (22872 寶石) 2018-04-03

Is this version working now?

Popsan Angel (3371 寶石) 2018-04-03

but... I already saw this game here. Why did you upload it again?

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