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Night Run

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Night Run is an 2D pac-man style action shooter game. Shoot, collect items and try to stay alive.#actionshooter #pacmanstyle
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Greeting gamers from the grid, I want to personally thank all of you for playing Night Run. I want to tell you guys and gals this: Before you select the play option, please pick the tutorial first. It will teach you on how to play. Thank you once again and see you on the gaming grid my fellow gamers...
Night Run
Night Run
Night Run
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Luis (等级 17) 2018-01-23
are you still working on it?
BBads (等级 10) 2018-01-05
please. improve it >:(
Marco Sacchetti (等级 9) 2017-12-08
e' tutto troppo confuso e la grafica non è molto chiara. inoltre viene visto tutto in uno schermo piccolo. ti consiglio di cambiare tutta la grafica usata
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