Moo Lander /prototype/

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日发布: 2018/02/06



Moo Lander is a 2D adventure platformer with Metroidvania elements, featuring an epic story about cow milk, which will be available for PC and Consoles. This is the prototype of the game - you can try out 4 ship abilities and use them to defeat different enemies. Fight intelligent enemies, solve puzzles and visit the ancient Earth with the mighty cows!
语言: English  
Moo Lander /prototype/
Moo Lander /prototype/
Moo Lander /prototype/
Moo Lander /prototype/
Moo Lander /prototype/
Moo Lander /prototype/
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Fellowplayer Profile (等级 22) 2018-02-07
HAHA, glad to see it here. This game is great and I can only image what other crazy things go on with these moo's!!! -
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