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Mega Sea Urchin

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The story tells us of sea-urchin who came up ashore after global cataclysm and fighting for a place under the sun in the new world. He's just adapting to the new environment that is unfriendly for him so far.
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Mega Sea Urchin
Mega Sea Urchin
Mega Sea Urchin
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Jonathan Fish (7709 寶石) 2016-08-14

Fix the game design. There are so many bugs... And they make the game impossible to play ... :(

Cynac (1071 寶石) 2016-06-20

too hard... improve also the ux...

fats (2684 寶石) 2016-06-12

it's too hard ! i can't go on. I'm blocked in the first part... when i jump i hit the spikes on the top... it's impossibile in the first 10 seconds. Bad.

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