Madness Fantasy

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Madness Fantasy is an indie game made with rpgmaker2003 with a gta-oriented gameplay. There's a city map to explore, and you'll have to take on some hilarious missions in 27 game chapters. The gameplay is very diversified due to multiple minigames and secondary quests. Make sure to don't miss the craziest gaming experience ever!
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Demo updated today 01/03/2020! #rpgmaker
Madness Fantasy
Madness Fantasy
Madness Fantasy
Madness Fantasy
Madness Fantasy
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Han (687 寶石) 2019-12-21

Still games with rpg maker 2003?!

Marius (4175 寶石) 2019-12-15

Welcome back! Good luck it looks good!

franco999 (1937 寶石) 2019-12-14

Ricordo questo progetto. È qualcosa di molto vecchio che fu fatto dai pionieri di rpgmaker in Italia

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