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Little Necromancer

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日发布: 2020/04/12



Little Necromancer is a Puzzle Adventure Game inspired by classics like "Adventures of Lolo" or "Ghosts'n Goblins".
#puzzle #adventure #pico8
语言: English   Francais  
消息: 2
2020-12-19: More lives at the beginning and another changes to make the game easier.
Little Necromancer
Little Necromancer
Little Necromancer
评论 14
格式帮助 380
flykidsblue1 (等级 10) 2020-08-05
Really fun! I enjoyed the puzzles!
Angry Squirrels (等级 10) 2020-07-06
Love the art !
Myrkvidr (等级 13) 2020-06-15
very fun! absolutely love it
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