La Solitudine (Demo)

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This isn't the classic RPG game.
Here you will not find goblins, warriors or dragons. You will just play the character of a masked boy who doesn't know anything about himself. Desolate houses and forests will be the background of this story, and your choices will change the end of the game.
语言: Italiano   English   Francais  
La Solitudine (Demo)
La Solitudine (Demo)
La Solitudine (Demo)
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Kaen999 已验证 (等级 19) 2019-03-28
Please reup
Jonathan Fish (等级 16) 2016-08-14
a game in three different languages ? Wow. it's rare to see this for a game made with rpg maker... !
A_Stark (等级 5) 2016-05-29
Nice... but customize it... now it looks like a classic game made with rpg maker... change the graphics ...
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