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Kungfu Cowboy is a co-op roguelike action platformer. Play as ‘A-Pa,’ a kung-fu master and a notorious cowboy, who loves to drink but must dash his way through the treacherous desert and fight against foes in order to get to the saloon on the other side. Follow our Twitter @soyboygames for more developments. #roguelike #multiplayer #localcoop #platformer #shooter #roguelite
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0.5.0 Update Major update: -Changed camera, camera now follows you -Changed the procedural generation to be more random -Added nurse healing at shops, pay 5 qi to heal instead of auto heal -Extended bullet range to travel to end of the screen -Increased size of A-Pa -Reworked animation of rifler enemy -Added controller remap option (Although we highly suggest...
Kungfu Cowboy
Kungfu Cowboy
Kungfu Cowboy
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MikeyBlighe (等级 6) 2020-09-15
Well this turned out to be quite the delight!
Sometimes it's hard to read just how a game is going to play until you actually boot it up and dive in, and this game is one of those that ends up being so much more fun than you could have possibly imagined! Plenty of wily bad guys to battle and plenty more shooty bang-bangs to pop 'em with!

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