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Kitsune Quest

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Welcome to Kitsune Quest! Play as a shapeshifting fox and hunt down chickens, while trying to avoid their protective owners. Change into a Geisha in order to avoid their attacks.
Twitter: @velddev, @happythirsty, @ColeDunham
语言: English  
Kitsune Quest
Kitsune Quest
Kitsune Quest
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Jonathan Fish (等级 16) 2016-08-14
too confused... the fog is too "strong"
Glask66 (等级 6) 2016-05-17
it's too confused and the ui it's not so good...
Marius (等级 14) 2016-05-09
i don't like it. It lags. The face of the geisha is ugly. The gameplay is boring and the ui is not so good.
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