Jim'S Adventures

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日发布: 2015/09/08



We came second in the competition of Game Maker Italy:
- Graphics completely created by us.
- Sounds and music taken from the internet.
- Platforming gameplay
- History of 12 levels.
- 4 bosses.
- 4 secrets in the story (to get more coins).
- Survival Mode with hordes of enemies with 5 maps (for the moment).
语言: English  
消息: 3
Jim's Adventures is available for free on Google Play and GameMaker: Player!!
Jim'S Adventures
Jim'S Adventures
Jim'S Adventures
Jim'S Adventures
Jim'S Adventures
Jim'S Adventures
评论 3
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Jonathan Fish (等级 16) 2016-08-16
very nice ! it's a very good game ! even if i don't like the pg. what's it ? he has a very strange head.... O.o
Marius (等级 14) 2015-10-05
Very nice and with many levels ! Very nice game ! Play it !
GhostRider (等级 8) 2015-09-29
il VERO vincitore del game maker contest, per quel che mi riguarda.
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