Eden Glosbe - Ep.1

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Meet Sten and Nolan, two brothers chasing the same dream: finding Eden Glosbe!
Conosci Sten e Nolan, due fratelli che hanno un unico sogno in comune: trovare l’Eden Glosbe! Accompagnali nella più grande avventura della loro vita!
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Eden Glosbe - Ep.1
Eden Glosbe - Ep.1
Eden Glosbe - Ep.1
Eden Glosbe - Ep.1
Eden Glosbe - Ep.1
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Soulrender (等级 12) 2020-01-04
Great game :)
Kaen999 (等级 19) 2019-10-30
Another thing, but this is a suggestion: Can you get to a controller support? For me this is so hard to hit the buttons to make the specials ^^ (but to avoid i can...strange...LOL)
Kaen999 (等级 19) 2019-10-30
Hiya, i played the game and gave to you 4 stars. I liked so much the game, using puzzles and the abilities of each character.
Now, i need to tell about one little bug: In forest to find Gramps, after to arrive in the island where Aaron was born, in one puzzle to be more exact, Nolan was stuck on the mountain...
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