Play E.I.Impact 2

E.I.Impact 2

95 玩家 - 5 位订阅者 位订阅者
A Gradius-like Shooter.
Movement: Arrow key
Shoot: Z
Activate power-up: X
Start & Pause: Enter
Switch window/fullscreen: F4
Reset Game: Enter+Tab
Exit Game: Esc
#shootemup #gradius
语言: 中文 (简体)  
E.I.Impact 2
E.I.Impact 2
E.I.Impact 2
E.I.Impact 2
评论 3
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LesGrossman (等级 12) 2020-12-04
Very cute artworks!
TyrionL (等级 14) 2020-06-24
is it in english or chinese?
franco999 (等级 13) 2020-06-22
The description is in English but you selected Chinese as language. What is the truth?
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