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NEW! Spin control, and auto braking. Both can be turned on/off in game. Spin control will detect if your drift is about to get out of control, and will steer into the drift until you are back under control. Auto braking will detect if you are about to head off the track, and will apply the brakes for you. Happy drifting! :-)


Ghost races are now done. Tracks that have close racing now have opponents as ghosts cars. So you can focus on drifting, and not worry about crashing. :-)


Friend races are now live. Create private races just for you and your mates. Find out who the best driver really is! https://drift.team/?p=friendrace


Now with country flags!

You can see which country other people are from when racing them. Your country is automatically set from your ISPs (Internet Service Providers) location, however, you can change it in your profile if you like.

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