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Cute Adblocker

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Shoot Advertisements instead of people!
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Hello everyone! As I promised to you, I made an HTML5 version of Cute Adblocker's score mode for those who want to kill Ads on the go! You can now shoot Ads in a quicker way. But the story mode and more maps are available in the standalone version.
Cute Adblocker
Cute Adblocker
Cute Adblocker
Cute Adblocker
Cute Adblocker
Cute Adblocker
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Fellowplayer (等级 22) 2019-04-27
A very hard game to play but I like the concept. YouTuber Fellowplayer - Let's Play Link Here>
YouTube Gameplay
TenTen92 (等级 10) 2019-04-16
I played dasher on browser. can you make also this game playable online? please
Whatif (等级 11) 2019-04-16
The idea is incredibly funny XD
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